“I Almost Failed My Classes” How Online Learning Effects Mental Health and Productivity

20 Sep

Some had a positive experience using zoom and canvas to do all of their schoolwork back in 2020, but others feel as though their time in online school was damaging to their mental well being.


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  1. noah carroll September 20, 2021 at 4:22 pm #

    Noah: Although virtual learning was a necessity in terms of students’ physical health, it ended up taking a toll on some students’ mental health.

    Miles: I’m Miles Santoscoy, I’m a sophomore. My mental health was mostly negatively impacted. I went into college my freshman year having to be only on zoom, being stuck in my room and having to work on projects and go to class from my room made me feel very unproductive and it was really hard for me to feel motivated to even go to class.

    Noah: How do these students that had such a hard time with zoom classes feel about in person classes now, as opposed to online?

    Vincent: I mean, it’s better than whatever the hell I had to go through learning virtually. By far. My name is Vincent Quintana and I am a freshman here at Webster. I almost failed most of my classes because I was learning virtually, and I was depressed. I guess my main worry was that once I went back to classes, I was gonna fin out that it wasn’t the virtual learning that made it hard, it was the fact that I’m just mentally ill.

Noah: It seems that for many students, being physically present in the classroom is an essential part of their learning experience. However, I myself found doing school from home to be a great way to escape my social anxiety. These polarizing experiences with online learning really capture just how hard it was, and still is, to please everyone during a time where everything is different.

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