Webster Students Brew Change For Racial Equity

21 Sep

After a series of allegation of racial discrimination from Webster’s coffee provider Kaldi’s Coffee, students and Alumni of the University seek to eradicate the company from campus.

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  1. bradystiff September 21, 2021 at 1:00 am #

    Chandler: “Hello, can you hear me? Ok bet bet bet. Alright.”
    Stiff: That’s Webster Alum and previous employee of Kaldi’s Coffee shop Jasmine Chandler speaking at the Boycott Kaldi’s protest in July of last summer
    Chandler: “I don’t want to be the angry black woman. I don’t want to be the one who has to speak up about this, but there really is no secret. We can see how Kaldi has treated their employees and the community.
    Stiff: At the rally, Chandler addressed the recent accusations of racial misconduct and discrimination in the Kaldi’s workplace, and shared her desire to see the university cut ties with the company
    Chandler: “I for one as a black woman already feel like I have to break the glass ceiling in everything I do, and when I’m at a cafe working part time up to full time for a year and a half and training 7 or 8 people who have moved up past me and haven’t had a chance to progress, yea I’m going to take it personally.”
    Stiff: So Webster Senior Kieron Kessler, a humanities major and friend of Chandler’s, took up the challenge of making a change
    Kessler: “Kaldi’s presence as a company on campus does not align with Webster values and what the students of Webster value as a whole.”
    Stiff: Kessler began a petition on Facebook, and within 3 days that petition had over 300 signatures. This got the attention of webster faculty, and the response, Kessler says, was heartening,
    Kessler: “John Buck even told me that it was kind of impossible for them to really not do anything because of the amount of signatures we got. He said it was one of the fastest petitions he’d ever seen get popular on campus ever. \
    Stiff: And, after months of working with Webster faculty and the potential replacement coffee company, Sun Roasters, Webster has finally unveiled their new partners being served in the Cyber Cafe.
    Kessler: “Getting kaldis off campus and replacing it with sun roasters inevitably is great. I think Sun Roasters are a great company. Plus, their coffee tastes so much better, but that’s another thing. I definitely consider it a win.”

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