Quick Jewish Dinner Made Easy

10 Oct

Why this passover dish is to hard to pass over


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  1. rubinb2565 October 10, 2021 at 10:51 am #

    Brian:As many jewish holidays, there is typically a corresponding food. Passover is no different.

    Right now Phillip Rubin is making fried Matzah a jewish tradition that is typically eaten over passover.

    To start you break the matzah crack the eggs and if you want you can add some milk.

    Next you turn on the stove and probably get a dog running behind.

    Then it is basically scrambled eggs from this point on.

    When plating simply move the plate off the hot burner and use the spatula to put the fried matzah on to a plate and it is ready to be served.

    So clearly it has some good ratings from our four legged friends.

    From the Webster Journal this is Brian Rubin.

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