Comes from Bangkok To Get Life Together

24 Oct

Tk, Manager at Chao Baan came from Bangkok to make his parents proud and get his life together

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  1. mekhiyaaginer October 24, 2021 at 5:41 pm #

    Tk: Tatiwat Kanaturuk moved here when I was 28 years old, been here for 28 years. I was born in Bangkok but I’m not a good boy back then, I went to the school for only a couple years then I kinda stop going to the class, stop paying attention much, I was a spoiled boy. My work was a small Thai restaurant on Oliver called land of smile but now it is shut down. But the thing is Im getting old that time I almost 29, 30. I’m thinking like man its not going to look good if i keep serving this time i need to do something better than this. They had a problem with the IRS something like that they had to cut cost for the labor. So they said i’m the most higher rater over there and thats why i left. they come talk to me like hey are you interested in being the manger at King & I and Im like hmm that s a good challenge for myself from the chef to be the manger at King & I. The previous manger over here he walk away and then they have 2 manager over there so they bring me over here to help this place, thats why I become the manger at this place.

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