how to double your money with baseball cards

31 Oct

Turning 7.50 into 14 dollars by buying baseball cards

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  1. rubinb2565 October 31, 2021 at 1:27 pm #

    Brian: Baseball, it’s America’s pastime. But how has it managed to stay intact for so long. Partially due to baseball cards. The cards being shown now all cost a total of 7.60. The goal is to turn a profit out of these cards.

    Andrew: So with eBay and that stuff usually cards go for less than the amount they are worth but you could probably get depending on the card, probably a dollar or two per card. Besides the one that are numbered or rookie cards or the Expos team card.

    Brian: That was local teenager Andrew Rubin who currently has over 50,000 cards in his collection. Which cards show the most profit

    Andrew: Probably either the Miguel Cabrera numbered card or the expos team card.

    Brian: Do you think I have the potential to double my money

    Phillip: Uh, yeah

    Brian: That was Phillip Rubin, Andrew Rubin’s dad who has also collected baseball cards when he was younger. For Brian’s Card Collection this is Brian Rubin

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