When arts and sciences collide: Dr. Bill and his creative approach to life and medicine

31 Oct

Dr. Bill Russel serves as Webster University’s “Dance Doctor.” As Zoe DeYoung reports, at 72, his age, hearing aids and wrist braces haven’t slowed him down.







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  1. Zoe DeYoung October 31, 2021 at 8:33 pm #

    Dr. Bill: “So you’re gonna feel it here and here first. Let me know when you feel that”

    Patient: *electric stim buzzing* “I feel it a little bit”

    Dr. Bill: “That’s alright, I’m just bringing it down now”

    Track: What do Artists, musicians, architects and physicians have in common?

    Dr. Bill: “Hold it right there, I’m going to push here”

    Track: Meet Dr. Bill Russell, founder of the Performing Arts Medicine Program at Webster University.

    Dr. Bill: “Well, I started when I was almost 25, and I’m 70, almost 72″

    Track: Dr. Bill’s half a century of experience spans far wider than medicine.

    Beckah Reed, faculty emeritus and former Artistic Director of the Webster University Dance Department has worked with Dr. Bill for more than a decade, allowing her a front row seat to many of his creative endeavors outside of the doctor’s office.

    Beckah Reed: He has always been a performer, I think, and I didn’t know that about him.

    Track: Even the way Dr. Bill approaches medicine could be deemed creative. He uses a computer program to visualize the body, and one of his main treatment styles is the age-old healing practice of acupuncture.

    Beckah Reed: I think he has just got this in his blood. That’s his life. He’s a very creative individual

    Track: When asked if he saw himself retiring anytime soon, Dr. Bill took no time to ponder his answer.

    Dr. Bill: No. I like what I do, that’s why I picked it. And as I get older I can still do it. I may have to roll around in a chair but I can still stick needles in people.

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