Webster University Orchestra To Debut Composer Jorge Morel’s Concerto For Two Guitars

3 Nov

The Webster University Orchestra will perform a piece never heard before. Brady Stiff reports on why this composition is so emotional for the orchestra lead guitarist. 

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  1. bradystiff November 3, 2021 at 11:38 pm #

    Stiff: On the night of November 2nd, Dr. Paul Davis conducted the debut of a truly bittersweet song
    Davis: This is an opportunity for us to have a world premiere, and for John it’s a personal thing because it’s a tribute to his friend and his mentor Jorge Morel.
    Stiff: Argentinian Composer and Classical Guitarist Jorge Morel passed away in February 2021. His recent work, Concerto for Two Guitars, was composed for Webster University’s John McClellan specifically, and Dr. Davis and Webster University Orchestra now has the opportunity play this piece for the first time in history.
    Davis: Every time a composer writes something, it’s a gift, and that gift is given to real all mankind, and we just get the opportunity to bring it to life.
    Waugh: It felt very historic, it made me feel pretty important.
    Stiff: That’s Webster University Orchestra Violist Anja Waugh. Her and the rest of the orchestra also experienced first hand the moment of hearing the concerto played out loud for the very first time.
    Waugh: Its very clear that everyone knows that this piece is debuting. We’re all excited about it. Every time we play it the energy in the room is unparalleled. I’m so excited for the concert.
    The Concerto will be premiering on the night of November 14th. Until then, I’m Brady Stiff for the Webster Journal.

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