Grading Sheet – Fall 2021

22 Nov

Final Project is an in-depth multimedia project. Each student’s part of this project will include a headline, abstract, 400-word (minimum) text story, video that includes multiple sources, sound and nat sound, strong sequenced video and a voice track.  You’ll lay it out on the project site using subheads, pull quotes, multiple photos, captions, links, etc. using the elements of strong web layout we’ve discussed in class.  The video should run between 1:15-1:45, include multiple sources, sound and nat sound, and signed out with “I’m ____________, for the Webster Journal.” Email the script for the video to your teacher.  Your individual project is worth 400 points.

  • Is it web optimized-or at least engaging enough to click on?

Abstract:  xx/30 

  • Does it entice the reader to click?

 Focus:  xx/10

  • Does the story speak to the intended audience—students, faculty and staff at Webster University?
  • Have I chosen a story that lends itself to both text and video?

Text:  xx/100

  • Does the lead engage the reader?
  • Is the story accurate, fair and complete with appropriate sources?  
  • Have I avoided opinion?
  • Have I used active voice, precise language, good grammar and spelling?  How’s the SVO sentence construction? Sentence length?

Video:  xx/175

  • Did I engage the viewer in the first :05-:10 seconds? Is there an appropriate establishing shot in this sequence?
  • Is it clear that I understand and used the five-shot sequence technique?
  • How’s the continuity
  • Did I shoot people, not just things?
  • Is the video clean?
  • Is the sound and natural sound clear?
  • Is the editing clean?

Etc:  xx/30

  • Have I diligently performed my job as part of the group project?
  • Is the story posted by the deadline?
  • Have I posted it properly on the project website and added the transcription to the Comments section below the ‘rough’ post on the class website?

Layout:  xx/35

  • Have I drawn the reader’s eye down the page from start to finish using photos, video, subheads, additional information, related content and links?

POINTS:  xx/400

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