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Glaciers in the Arctic are Melting, and It’s Going to Affect You

22 Nov

Photographer and Journalist Randall Hyman warns warming temperatures and melting glaciers  in the arctic could directly affect life in St. Louis and around the globe

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Webster University Orchestra To Debut Composer Jorge Morel’s Concerto For Two Guitars

3 Nov

The Webster University Orchestra will perform a piece never heard before. Brady Stiff reports on why this composition is so emotional for the orchestra lead guitarist. 

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A Strict Regime: Star Illinois College Track Athlete Grant Seniker Talks Running and Warmup

10 Oct

For most of us, the thought of running miles at a time is daunting. For School Record holder Seniker, that’s an every day routine.

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Making a Scene

25 Sep

Webster Sophomore Lily Tomasic reveals the inner workings of the conservatory’s scene shop. Continue reading

Webster Students Brew Change For Racial Equity

21 Sep

After a series of allegation of racial discrimination from Webster’s coffee provider Kaldi’s Coffee, students and Alumni of the University seek to eradicate the company from campus.

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“Impact Drivers, Zaw Saws, and Jigsaws” Webster Conservatory’s Master Carpenter building creativity

13 Sep

Master Carpenter Bobby Julga is creating scenery for Webster’s renowned theatre conservatory, and learning practical construction skills along the way. Continue reading