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Louisville Protesters hit the streets following grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case. (from September 24)

30 Oct

“It’s bullshit,” one protester stated. Another insisted the police are still using violence, but now towards the protesters.

Webster Journal Editor Makes Time for her Staff Writers during the Supreme Court Hearing

12 Oct

Jenna Jones wishes RBG would never have been replaced, but continues to assist her staff through tumultuous headlines.

Protests to Abolish ICE Resume in Downtown St. Louis

21 Sep

One protester has characterized the city of St. Louis’ response to the protests as “Extreme Terrorism.” Another protester risks her life to be involved.

Dirty Jobs: Interviews with a Bartender and Mechanic

15 Sep

Drunk patrons and auto shop hazing — a bartender and mechanic shed some light on their jobs.