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Illegal Trash Dumping in St. Louis persists, and so does Environmental Racism

22 Nov

The city knows about these crimes. And yet residents are still left with piles of trash and a lack of community.

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DPhiE’s annual Fundraiser a Success

3 Nov

This sorority raised hundreds of dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Watch Emma Kramer break down the event and what it means for the Webster community.

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College Student Turned at Home Barista

13 Oct

College isn’t cheap. So how can you save some extra cash? Learn how to bring Starbucks into your own dorm!


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Jack’s Leg Grooves with Webster Groves

26 Sep

Cami Lindauer and Addie Blanner tell more about their experience at the last night of Webster’s Gazebo Series. The performance from this Grateful Dead cover band entertained a crowd of locals who filled the park with dance and merriment. Continue reading

Two Decades Later: What it Means to Be an Auto Body Technician

13 Sep

From fries to owls, Joe Kramer details some of the grossest parts of his everyday work.

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