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The Haunting of Calvary Cemetery

29 Oct

A local cemetery has a ghost that roams the grounds mourning. Did I catch it on camera?

Cooking with Michael Myers

18 Oct

Learn how to make a spooky sandwich with Michael Myers.

Inside The Endangered Wolf Center

1 Oct

Who knew there was a sanctuary for endangered wolves and foxes right here in St. Louis County! Webster Journalist student, Eryn Opperman went inside to find out what it’s all about.

A Bodybuilders Diet: Grass Only

21 Sep

A St. Louis local bodybuilder, Blake Thomas Veath,  switches his meaty calorie diet for fresh fruits and vegetables that Mother Nature provides. His teammates and competitors made fun of him for “eating grass” but always ended up on top. St. Louis nutritionist, Caryn Dugan, speaks up with Veath that any athlete can receive enough protein with a plant based diet.

The Shocking Truth About Electricians

17 Sep