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Pet Adoption Struggles No One Talks About

29 Oct

Lisa Jones just wanted another dog for her family to help fill the hole that was left when their beagle passed. What she didn’t realize was that adopting a pet is a lot harder than she anticipated.

Campus Cooking

15 Oct

Sophomore student Kat recognizes the ease of frozen food and dishes on how she likes to prepare it.

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COVID and the Classroom

24 Sep

It’s no surprise that students have been struggling to deal with COVID and the new safety procedures that surround it. But the professors are no different. Julie Smith, professor at Webster University, talks about her struggles in the classroom in the time of COVID.

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Dirty Drains and Smelly Sinks

16 Sep

The life of a plumber is no bed of roses, and it doesn’t look or smell like one either. It’s safe to say, Ben Bridgman definitely doesn’t miss his days inspecting sewers.

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