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The Electoral Race Is Coming To A Heated Finish, So What Do Local Voters Think?

28 Oct

As the 2020 presidential election is coming to a close, the local voters are present and eager to speak their mind on what is to come for the United States of America.

What Does Jordan Parker Do On A COVID Interrupted Saturday Evening?

12 Oct

With COVID still affecting the ability to safely hangout with friends and family, let’s take a look at what he does to past the time.

Dirty Jobs: Movie Theater Employee?

23 Sep

How dirty is your job? A question asked not to validate ones “dirty job”, but to gain perspective on how someone see’s their own workplace.

The WFGC Is Fighting to Stay Alive

20 Sep

COVID-19 is no stranger to making peoples lives harder, but what about this pandemic is making life so difficult from the perspective of a community of competitive videogame players?