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Monika Hasanbasic: “It is one of the hardest things you could experience”

3 May

Monika Hasanbasic, her mother, and her sister all left Bosnia when the war began. Her dad stayed back. Years later, they were reunited.

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Language Video and Bosnian Graphic

26 Apr

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Rodson Etienne’s journey to 1000 points: “Oh I got it?”

29 Mar

Webster University’s senior Rodson Etienne is passed the ball on a fast break. He jumps up and slams the ball through the hoop, getting his 1000 points. 

Rodson Etienne scores 1000 points.
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David Porras spreads his wings and embraces his true self

14 Mar
David Porras’s drag photoshoot that took place in his room.

Webster student went without power for days in Texas cold and snow

22 Feb

Webster basketball player Kaleb Cheers endured no power or water for three days in the historic Texas winter storm. Here’s Jordyn Grimes with his harsh experiences.

Murrow Newscast Stem Final Dissection

7 Feb

The Capitol riot causes tension between students

1 Feb

Trump supporters that breached the Capitol have unsettled students at partisan schools.

The Tomanovich haunted house saves Halloween

25 Oct

A family in O’Fallon, Missouri brings joy to the neighborhood with their extravagant Halloween decorations. Due to COVID-19, they made this year their best one yet.

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Bass guitar 101: The quality of your sound is important

11 Oct

Sean Grimes teaches the basics of a guitar to have a nice tone quality. He shows you how to correctly play a C .

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A loud gym with screaming fans and energetic cheerleaders or a senior season in silence?

27 Sep

COVID-19 has stripped collegiate athletes of games, practices, and many memories. Naomi Johnson is beginning her senior season of basketball. While she’s slowly returning to normalcy, will COVID-19 make Naomi experience her last season with no one watching?

Paranormal activity on campus: is it real or just a figment of the imagination?

20 Sep

Freshman Trinity Locke moved onto Webster University’s campus a month ago. Right after move in, Trinity had paranormal encounters, but after she got used to college, the ghostly encounters stopped.

“My ears would ring for days”. But it’s worth it for Sean Grimes.

13 Sep

Sean Grimes works in the loud and messy General Motors facility. Although Sean loves his hands on job, the satisfaction he gets from solving a problem or helping his coworkers trumps everything else.