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Find your match at Maplewood’s Cat Café

26 Oct

The local cat café is a place where you can hold and pet a furry friend. Every cat at the café is up for adoption, so if you fall in love with one you can begin the process right away.

Tips for Mastering the Simplest Fried Egg

12 Oct

William Kramer demonstrates how to fry an egg quick and easy with the basics in your kitchen.

Volunteers with the St. Louis Zoo are more than just your average helper

6 Oct

For volunteers at the St. Louis Zoo, an average day is packed with interacting with zoo visitors. However, this is anything but a typical volunteer program. Along with the different areas of interests volunteers can choose from, the zoo provides social opportunities and community-building activities for their volunteers.

Virtual Campus Events Change Involvement for Webster Students

21 Sep

Webster University’s COVID-19 regulations have called for different ways to implement events. Zoom has been a platform for campus activities, but two Webster students face challenges adjusting to the change. However, the Office of Student Engagement continues to strive for virtual involvement.

Where Your Cold Drinks Come From: The Messiness Behind Making Coolers

14 Sep

Danny McCracken has over two decades experience working in a refrigeration cooler factory. Chemicals and physical hazards are among the daily challenges factory workers must deal with.