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Ways Students with Low Budgets can Lower their Carbon Footprint

13 Dec

Electric cars, big solar panels, and other fancy gadgets may be the biggest push towards a healthier environment, but what about those who can’t afford those gadgets?

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Beautiful Breakfast for a Budget!

11 Oct

Looking for a breakfast that costs around $6.78? I might have your answer!

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Change of Scenery: From living with Parents, to shifting to the Windy City

1 Oct

Kenzie Sampson-Walk attends Columbia University in Chicago. She goes in depth of her transition from living at home to being in a bigger city on her own.





Galaxy Radio: The Status of Webster’s Beloved Station

20 Sep

Legendary radio personality Jim Singer taught at Webster while running the Galaxy Radio station. This station had students from all realms of personality and content producing podcasts and running music radio stations with their own taste. It has offered wonderful opportunities for students to branch out, find their voice, and build their resume. But since the departure of Mr. Singer, the station has since seen a turn in objectives

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The Nasty Fun of Working with Soda!

13 Sep

This is Rick Brockschmidt he is a maintenance worker for Refresco Beverages. He also works a part time job as a heating and cooling technician, which can be very dirty, but states this job is far more dirtier. He has worked there for over seven months with his best friend Jon and hopes to continue this lucrative career in this factory.





Rick: I work at Refresco Beverages I am a maintenance mechanic

Me: What kind of cool machines do you work on?

Rick: Well I work on all the machines there, we manufacture and bottle sodas so I work on the machines that actually fill the cans with soda and put them in boxes, and I actually work on the machines that make and fill the plastic bottles, put labels on bottles just anything you see on a can or bottle I work on

Me: What kind of soda do you work on?

Rick: We make all kinds of sodas and sparkling waters from root beer to cotton candy sodas, black cherry, orange just any flavor you can think of.

Me: Do you get to steal any of the sodas?

Rick: We get to take some yes

Me: Do you take it with or without permission?

Rick: With permission

Me: Alright sir thank you for your time