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Veganism: Can this diet save us from climate catastrophe?

21 Nov

Swapping beef for beans, cheese for nutritional yeast and cows milk for soy milk doesn’t seem too drastic. But if the research is accurate, widespread veganism could drastically impact our climate.

By Zoe DeYoung

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When arts and sciences collide: Dr. Bill and his creative approach to life and medicine

31 Oct

Dr. Bill Russel serves as Webster University’s “Dance Doctor.” As Zoe DeYoung reports, at 72, his age, hearing aids and wrist braces haven’t slowed him down.

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The Never-ending Hustle of A Small Business Owner: Julie DeYoung’s Daily Routine EDITED

10 Oct

Turn into the driveway. Put car in reverse. Pull into the garage. Put car in park. Collect belongings. Walk inside. Open computer.

This sequence of events has become second nature for Dance Studio owner Julie DeYoung, who does the majority of her administrative work from her kitchen table—and the effort of owning a small business doesn’t stop after she puts the car in park.

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“It is hard to get people to work”: Webster Cafeterias Understaffed, Employee finds the positive

29 Sep

The restaurant industry was hit especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Webster University cafeterias feel the impact. But amidst the struggle of understaffing, interactions with one employee in particular leave customers smiling about more than just their food.  Continue reading

Drums and dancing take center stage during junior Haley Rhiney’s African dance class

19 Sep

Thumping drums, colorful skirts and fast moving feet brightened the large dance studio within Loretta-Hilton; Webster dance majors attempted the high-energy and community driven style of African traditional dance led by a peer, Junior Haley Rhiney.


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The Unappetizing job of Waiting Tables EDIT

12 Sep

College sophomore Hannah Allen serves at a Breakfast and Brunch restaurant on her weekends home from college. In this audio episode, she peels back the curtain surrounding the disgusting conditions of a restaurant’s “back of house.”

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