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Are eggs the breakfast of champions?

11 Oct

One college student finds a way to fuel up before tackling her first midterm exam.

“We want change”: Lifelong Missourian reflects on St. Louis global climate strike

29 Sep

On Sept. 20, 2019, hundreds of people took to the streets to protest the lack of political action to combat global warming. Two years later, only four sat on the steps of city hall to carry on the fight.

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Making a Scene

25 Sep

Webster Sophomore Lily Tomasic reveals the inner workings of the conservatory’s scene shop. Continue reading

“It hit me like an epiphany”: Webster art exhibit unveils 30-year-old work

22 Sep

“The University Collects” art exhibit at Webster’s Gateway campus introduced Three Miseries, a piece that’s been out of the public eyes for three decades. Artists like Kendall Mosiah reflect on the deeper meaning behind the creator’s work and what their vision is.

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Webster Students Brew Change For Racial Equity

21 Sep

After a series of allegation of racial discrimination from Webster’s coffee provider Kaldi’s Coffee, students and Alumni of the University seek to eradicate the company from campus.

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Drums and dancing take center stage during junior Haley Rhiney’s African dance class

19 Sep

Thumping drums, colorful skirts and fast moving feet brightened the large dance studio within Loretta-Hilton; Webster dance majors attempted the high-energy and community driven style of African traditional dance led by a peer, Junior Haley Rhiney.


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Two Decades Later: What it Means to Be an Auto Body Technician

13 Sep

From fries to owls, Joe Kramer details some of the grossest parts of his everyday work.

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“Impact Drivers, Zaw Saws, and Jigsaws” Webster Conservatory’s Master Carpenter building creativity

13 Sep

Master Carpenter Bobby Julga is creating scenery for Webster’s renowned theatre conservatory, and learning practical construction skills along the way. Continue reading

From dirt to the dinner table, a local farmer has spent five decades helping feed his community

13 Sep

Dan White has dedicated his entire life to farming. Coming up on his final harvest, he recalls everything the industry has given him and how it has changed over time.

The Unappetizing job of Waiting Tables EDIT

12 Sep

College sophomore Hannah Allen serves at a Breakfast and Brunch restaurant on her weekends home from college. In this audio episode, she peels back the curtain surrounding the disgusting conditions of a restaurant’s “back of house.”

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How Dance Speaks Through Us

10 Dec

Two dancers tell their personal story through the art of dance.

Two friends, Madison Rodgers and Desiree Jones met just days before our Webster journey began on August 23, 2017 which happened to be Rodgers’ nineteenth birthday. The only African American dancers in the Webster University dance program immediately hit it off.

Seeing each other as companions instead of competitors, the two best friends have spent much of their time together over the past three and a half years. Rodgers, having started her dance career at the age of three stuck with dance, saying “dance has been my passion for 19 years now, and I don’t see myself ever calling it quits.” Rodgers loves dance because of the freedom to express herself but prefers dancing in a group environment.

Jones considers herself as starting late in the game of dance, during the sixth grade. Jones loved the discipline and learning of dance, coupled with the family like atmosphere of a collective struggle to perfect every move. She appreciates the opportunities dance has brought into her life, such as auditions, and even went on to say “I don’t know where I would be without dance, it has provided me with so much happiness and purpose.” Lastly, Jones told me that she prefers dancing alone because she is free to express her emotions in a private setting. 

For the two companions, dance has allowed them to go to college and to join a family of other dancers they otherwise would never have met. Their friendship is a feel-good story in world shrouded in darkness right now.

By Luke Seddon

Thanksgiving in a new world

5 Dec

2020 has been as challenging as any year in recent memory. We are all adjusting to the new reality in different ways. My family celebrated with a new tradition this year.

Dishwasher tells his story

21 Oct

Sometimes we do not realize what happens behind the scenes when we visit our favorite restaurant. Here we get a real life glimpse into the daily grind.

What do you miss about life?

21 Oct

During the pandemic, life has changed. A few things are so different and yet, sometimes life seems somewhat the same.

What two alums have to say…

Historic Houses beautify Webster Groves

21 Oct

These historic homes make Webster Groves a special place. The differing architectural styles make the area very interesting. It’s a great place for an afternoon walk!

Lovely Homes

Laundry Day comes around again!

21 Oct

Laundry is necessary but extraordinarily useful skill for any college student to know. I, myself, am working on perfecting this function. I practice all the time!

Laundry Day!

“My ears would ring for days”. But it’s worth it for Sean Grimes.

13 Sep

Sean Grimes works in the loud and messy General Motors facility. Although Sean loves his hands on job, the satisfaction he gets from solving a problem or helping his coworkers trumps everything else.

The Life of a Chef: Cuts, Burns, and Celebrities

11 Sep

Jack Conway, a longtime chef, has been cooking for many many years and has had his fair share of ups and downs during this long career. Even through all of this he would do it again.

Working with Gas is a Dirty Job

11 Sep

Troy Blacksher works with Spire and has seen lots of dirty things. In this video, he discusses what he sees and deals with.

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From Webster Hall to the ISB: The 2010 decade brought a new home to the science department.

27 Nov

Webster Grad Student Thomas Quintero arrived at the university during the centennial celebration of Webster Hall. This meant Quintero took his first science courses at the university in Webster Hall. He remembers associating a “sense of tradition” with the old building, but he added any attachment was sentimental and not practical. 

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