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Louisville Protesters hit the streets following grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case. (from September 24)

30 Oct

“It’s bullshit,” one protester stated. Another insisted the police are still using violence, but now towards the protesters.

Pet Adoption Struggles No One Talks About

29 Oct

Lisa Jones just wanted another dog for her family to help fill the hole that was left when their beagle passed. What she didn’t realize was that adopting a pet is a lot harder than she anticipated.

Missouri Historical Society celebrates 100 years of suffrage with new exhibit

29 Oct

The Beyond the Ballot: St. Louis and Suffrage exhibit opened at the Missouri History Museum last August. The museum’s curator, Katie Moon, takes the Journal through a guided tour of the museum’s latest gallery.

The Haunting of Calvary Cemetery

29 Oct

A local cemetery has a ghost that roams the grounds mourning. Did I catch it on camera?

The Electoral Race Is Coming To A Heated Finish, So What Do Local Voters Think?

28 Oct

As the 2020 presidential election is coming to a close, the local voters are present and eager to speak their mind on what is to come for the United States of America.

Find your match at Maplewood’s Cat Café

26 Oct

The local cat café is a place where you can hold and pet a furry friend. Every cat at the café is up for adoption, so if you fall in love with one you can begin the process right away.

The Tomanovich haunted house saves Halloween

25 Oct

A family in O’Fallon, Missouri brings joy to the neighborhood with their extravagant Halloween decorations. Due to COVID-19, they made this year their best one yet.

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LGBTQ+ couples seize the opportunity to marry during Supreme Court nomination hearings

24 Oct

Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination worried many in the LGBTQ+ community. Rather than stand by and anticipate the future, several couples decided to get married by signing up for pop elopements. They did so for all of St. Louis to see – on the steps of City Hall.

Cooking with Michael Myers

18 Oct

Learn how to make a spooky sandwich with Michael Myers.

College cuisine: on a budget!

15 Oct

How to use your parent’s kitchen to make yet another bowl of ramen you bought months ago from Sam’s Club.

Campus Cooking

15 Oct

Sophomore student Kat recognizes the ease of frozen food and dishes on how she likes to prepare it.

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Webster Journal Editor Makes Time for her Staff Writers during the Supreme Court Hearing

12 Oct

Jenna Jones wishes RBG would never have been replaced, but continues to assist her staff through tumultuous headlines.

Tips for Mastering the Simplest Fried Egg

12 Oct

William Kramer demonstrates how to fry an egg quick and easy with the basics in your kitchen.

What Does Jordan Parker Do On A COVID Interrupted Saturday Evening?

12 Oct

With COVID still affecting the ability to safely hangout with friends and family, let’s take a look at what he does to past the time.

How to make the Perfect Poppyseed Chicken

11 Oct

While you’re stuck inside and forced to not eat out due to COVID-19 you will need a reliable and delicious meal. Poppyseed chicken can be very simple to make and a great crowd pleaser for the family.

Bass guitar 101: The quality of your sound is important

11 Oct

Sean Grimes teaches the basics of a guitar to have a nice tone quality. He shows you how to correctly play a C .

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Volunteers with the St. Louis Zoo are more than just your average helper

6 Oct

For volunteers at the St. Louis Zoo, an average day is packed with interacting with zoo visitors. However, this is anything but a typical volunteer program. Along with the different areas of interests volunteers can choose from, the zoo provides social opportunities and community-building activities for their volunteers.

Slinging drinks through a pandemic (and playoff season)

2 Oct

Bartender Haley Stewart explains the stress of a less packed bar and more strict procedures. She is not only cutting off drinks anymore, and the added responsibilities do not come with more rewards.

Inside The Endangered Wolf Center

1 Oct

Who knew there was a sanctuary for endangered wolves and foxes right here in St. Louis County! Webster Journalist student, Eryn Opperman went inside to find out what it’s all about.

Why One Teacher Has Refused to Let COVID-19 Push Her Around

27 Sep

Stephanie Gillespie is a high school teacher at Hillsboro Highschool and she believes that her students are worth all of the extra work that COVID-19 has added to her day-to-day.