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A loud gym with screaming fans and energetic cheerleaders or a senior season in silence?

27 Sep

COVID-19 has stripped collegiate athletes of games, practices, and many memories. Naomi Johnson is beginning her senior season of basketball. While she’s slowly returning to normalcy, will COVID-19 make Naomi experience her last season with no one watching?

How quilting keeps a family together

24 Sep

A housebound grandmother in St. Louis takes up an old hobby of making quilts for her grandkids–keeping her healthy in more ways than one.

COVID and the Classroom

24 Sep

It’s no surprise that students have been struggling to deal with COVID and the new safety procedures that surround it. But the professors are no different. Julie Smith, professor at Webster University, talks about her struggles in the classroom in the time of COVID.

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Webster Groves activists stand against anonymous opposition

24 Sep

Dirty Jobs: Movie Theater Employee?

23 Sep

How dirty is your job? A question asked not to validate ones “dirty job”, but to gain perspective on how someone see’s their own workplace.

Virtual Campus Events Change Involvement for Webster Students

21 Sep

Webster University’s COVID-19 regulations have called for different ways to implement events. Zoom has been a platform for campus activities, but two Webster students face challenges adjusting to the change. However, the Office of Student Engagement continues to strive for virtual involvement.

Protests to Abolish ICE Resume in Downtown St. Louis

21 Sep

One protester has characterized the city of St. Louis’ response to the protests as “Extreme Terrorism.” Another protester risks her life to be involved.

A Bodybuilders Diet: Grass Only

21 Sep

A St. Louis local bodybuilder, Blake Thomas Veath,  switches his meaty calorie diet for fresh fruits and vegetables that Mother Nature provides. His teammates and competitors made fun of him for “eating grass” but always ended up on top. St. Louis nutritionist, Caryn Dugan, speaks up with Veath that any athlete can receive enough protein with a plant based diet.

Being a Basketball Fan in a Baseball City

20 Sep

Being a Memphis Native Cameron Weaver is a huge NBA fan. When Cameron moved to St. Louis not many people shared that interests. He quickly found out that St. Louis is a baseball town which is a big difference compared to Memphis.

The WFGC Is Fighting to Stay Alive

20 Sep

COVID-19 is no stranger to making peoples lives harder, but what about this pandemic is making life so difficult from the perspective of a community of competitive videogame players?

Paranormal activity on campus: is it real or just a figment of the imagination?

20 Sep

Freshman Trinity Locke moved onto Webster University’s campus a month ago. Right after move in, Trinity had paranormal encounters, but after she got used to college, the ghostly encounters stopped.

Transcontinental goods being secured during a truck drivers respite.

17 Sep

Security, Safety, and a Semi-trucks

The Shocking Truth About Electricians

17 Sep

Dirty Drains and Smelly Sinks

16 Sep

The life of a plumber is no bed of roses, and it doesn’t look or smell like one either. It’s safe to say, Ben Bridgman definitely doesn’t miss his days inspecting sewers.

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Meet the Chef

15 Sep

You and a couple of friends might have gone out this past weekend for some late summer patio drinks and bar food; a place with good service and better food with little potential to go wrong. You get your Ruben on rye or your shrimp roll to go with your cocktail and carry on. But you may notice the various sauces and relishes or garnishes or presentation, and others may have their expectations exceeded once they bite into their orders and wonder, “who put this together back there?”

Jay Garrison, a seasoned chef of 17 years, is the new brain in one local tavern’s shoe box-sized kitchen:

Dirty Jobs: Interviews with a Bartender and Mechanic

15 Sep

Drunk patrons and auto shop hazing — a bartender and mechanic shed some light on their jobs.

Where Your Cold Drinks Come From: The Messiness Behind Making Coolers

14 Sep

Danny McCracken has over two decades experience working in a refrigeration cooler factory. Chemicals and physical hazards are among the daily challenges factory workers must deal with.

“My ears would ring for days”. But it’s worth it for Sean Grimes.

13 Sep

Sean Grimes works in the loud and messy General Motors facility. Although Sean loves his hands on job, the satisfaction he gets from solving a problem or helping his coworkers trumps everything else.

The Life of a Chef: Cuts, Burns, and Celebrities

11 Sep

Jack Conway, a longtime chef, has been cooking for many many years and has had his fair share of ups and downs during this long career. Even through all of this he would do it again.

Build-A-Bear employee Javi Cervantes shapes lifelong experiences for customers

10 Sep

Webster University student Javi Cervantes discusses his relatively new position at Build-A-Bear. Cervantes discusses the clientele, the impact of COVID-19 and making memories for customers.