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how to double your money with baseball cards

31 Oct

Turning 7.50 into 14 dollars by buying baseball cards

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Climate Consciousness Resources

25 Oct

Find at least three useful resources for our project on climate consciousness in St. Louis. They can be sources, websites, databases, and/or articles.

Post them in the Comments section below.

At Home Routine Workout

25 Oct
Jordon Spiller, 26, works out in his bedroom on his day off.

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Comes from Bangkok To Get Life Together

24 Oct

Tk, Manager at Chao Baan came from Bangkok to make his parents proud and get his life together

Soccer Player Jordan Bilyeu Crutches Down To The Senior Day Celebration With A Huge Smile On Her Face

24 Oct

This was not the senior day Jordan Bilyeu imagined in her head. Despite not being able to play on a day that’s supposed to be all about her, Bilyeu still plasters a huge smile on her face knowing that her soccer career is not over quite yet.



Kelly: despite tearing her ACL earlier this season, soccer player Jordan Bilyeu still enjoyed her senior day.

jordan: I mean obviously I was not expecting to not play on my senior night so that was very disappointing, but I think thought it was very fun and I’m glad I did senior night with my class if that makes sense and I didn’t wait.

kelly: Bilyeu plans on coming back next year to play soccer.

jordan: when I got hurt it definitely solidified things that I had to come back.

kelly: despite having to sit this year out, Bilyeu still tries to remain positive.

jordan: I mean I like focusing on you guys today and just like watching your games because that helps me as well.


Spooky Makeup to Kick Off Spooky Season

14 Oct

Oliver tries something new with their makeup to prepare for Halloween.

Daughter makes Grilled Cheese for Mother

13 Oct

Anya Willis angrily makes a sandwich for her mother

College Student Turned at Home Barista

13 Oct

College isn’t cheap. So how can you save some extra cash? Learn how to bring Starbucks into your own dorm!


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Beautiful Breakfast for a Budget!

11 Oct

Looking for a breakfast that costs around $6.78? I might have your answer!

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Erik Harmons got his degree in computer science, now he’s a barber.

11 Oct

Cutting a fussy childs hair while still providing a nice hair cut is very common in Erik Harmons normal day.

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Late Night Snack

11 Oct

After a long day of working, Pamela Bowen quickly makes a simple peanut butter sandwich for a late night snack.

A Strict Regime: Star Illinois College Track Athlete Grant Seniker Talks Running and Warmup

10 Oct

For most of us, the thought of running miles at a time is daunting. For School Record holder Seniker, that’s an every day routine.

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The Never-ending Hustle of A Small Business Owner: Julie DeYoung’s Daily Routine EDITED

10 Oct

Turn into the driveway. Put car in reverse. Pull into the garage. Put car in park. Collect belongings. Walk inside. Open computer.

This sequence of events has become second nature for Dance Studio owner Julie DeYoung, who does the majority of her administrative work from her kitchen table—and the effort of owning a small business doesn’t stop after she puts the car in park.

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Quick Jewish Dinner Made Easy

10 Oct

Why this passover dish is to hard to pass over

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Change of Scenery: From living with Parents, to shifting to the Windy City

1 Oct

Kenzie Sampson-Walk attends Columbia University in Chicago. She goes in depth of her transition from living at home to being in a bigger city on her own.





Erby Family Starts Foundation for Councilwoman Hazel Erby

30 Sep

“Pride is Education”: What LGBTQ+ Pride Means to the Community

30 Sep

On September 25, 2021, Tower Grove held its first pride festival since 2019, where members of the LGBTQ+ community (and allies) reflected on what pride means to them.

“It is hard to get people to work”: Webster Cafeterias Understaffed, Employee finds the positive

29 Sep

The restaurant industry was hit especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Webster University cafeterias feel the impact. But amidst the struggle of understaffing, interactions with one employee in particular leave customers smiling about more than just their food.  Continue reading

Webster Universitys New Cheer Coach, Amanda, Already Feels like a Cheer mom to the cheerleaders, despite her not knowing them very long.

27 Sep

Amanda Talks about how being thrown into a new role is stressful but she’s up for the challenge

Jack’s Leg Grooves with Webster Groves

26 Sep

Cami Lindauer and Addie Blanner tell more about their experience at the last night of Webster’s Gazebo Series. The performance from this Grateful Dead cover band entertained a crowd of locals who filled the park with dance and merriment. Continue reading