How to post on the class site

Check for an email that makes you an editor on  If you haven’t responded, you won’t be able to load your work.

So you clicked in your Premiere timeline … then exported your file using File-Export.  Then you hit ‘Media.”  Change the format to H.264 or MP4 if it’s not there already.  Hit export.

Step by Step

Sign into WordPress.  Click on ‘My Sites’ in the upper left corner and choose Journalism Bootcamp. Click on Write in the upper right.

You should see a blank ‘post’ which includes a box for a headline, then space below for a post.

Write a headline in the box marked “Title.”  (Make sure it’s a sentence that includes a verb … not just a label.) Then cursor down and add a few lines about your story.  Now click on the + sign (to the left of the toolbar.)    This takes you to the Media Library where you’ll want to hit ‘Add New.’

Great.  Now take a breath

It usually takes a few minutes to load.  When that’s done, you’ll want to create a second page … so put your cursor between the copy you wrote for your story and the actual media and hit the ‘Insert Read More tag’ near the top right side of the toolbar.

You’ll see a menu on the right called  ‘Post Settings.’ Click on Categories and Tags.’  Click the 1020 Stories category.  Unclick “Uncategorized.”

Don’t forget to “Publish.”

PS – Your free personal site doesn’t allow you to post videos.  (We pay for that on this site.) So you’ll need to load your video on YouTube or Vimeo and embed the code to include videos on your personal site.)


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