Week 10

Monday, November 1

Finish Excellent Coverage discussion

FINALIZE FINAL PROJECT – Review Climate Consciousness resources

REVIEW:  Video Project #2:  Produce a video package you can play on your blog, or get published in the Journal.  The story should run between 1:00 and 1:30, and must include multiple sources, natural sound and your voice.  Tag it with… “For the Webster Journal, I’m __________” or sign out with your blog’s name.  Shoot this using your phone or a video camera and edit using Premiere.  Post this on the class website with a web-optimized headline. In the spot where we normally include an abstract, write an anchor lead using the guidelines discussed in class.

This is due for review in class and will be graded after 5 p.m. on Thursday.  Include the package script in the Comments section below your post. (50 pts)

Research/brainstorm stories for final projects.

Organize project schedule/Define roles

Google doc:   http://bit.ly/JOUR1020bootcamp

Last year’s Google doc


  • Website draft –
  • Social media ready up –
  • Photos and videos in
  • All photos and videos ready to go
  • Stories posted on website
  • Project due for review in class

This story will make you feel better about life:


Prepare for Blog Check #3 next week.

Prepare pitch for the final project:  Each student’s part of this project will include a headline, abstract, 400-word (minimum) text story, video that includes multiple sources, sound and nat sound, strong sequenced video and a voice track.  You’ll lay it out on the project site using subheads, pull quotes, multiple photos, captions, links, etc. using the elements of strong web layout we’ve discussed in class.  The video should run between 1:15-1:45, include multiple sources, sound and nat sound, and signed out with “I’m ____________, for the Webster Journal.” Include the script for the video in the Comments section below your post.  Your individual project is worth 400 points.

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