Week 12

Monday, November 15


  • Best practices for social media posts
  • Reporting Resources

EPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)—Check to see which companies in the community aren’t complying with environmental regulations.  http://echo.epa.gov/

Equity in Athletics—Track the equity in men’s vs. women’s sports at local universities, how much the coaches make, and how much revenue teams bring to the university.  http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/

One Million Tweet Map—This allows you to run searches by specifying a search term or a hashtag, quickly find a heatmap, and click on individual tweets. https://onemilliontweetmap.com

Wayback Machine—This site saves a website forever swhich is helpful if a newsmaker has taken down content on a website.  You can also use this to see what we were talking about a year ago or ten years ago


Google doc:   http://bit.ly/JOUR1020bootcamp

Work on Final Project:

  • Finalize stories
  • Create deadlines
  • Name website/create website
  • Set up social media/YouTube channel
  • Lab Time
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