Week 14

Monday, November 29


  • Lab time to work on the final project.

Reporting Tools

Google Alerts—Google alerts scans every publication on the web related to whatever keyword you pick and sends emails daily, weekly or instantly. 

Feedly – Free site offers a way to organize, read and share web content.  It’s a great way to organize all the sites you check daily. 

Flipboard — Aggregated content for thousands of topics.

Poynter: Daily Coronavirus Briefing for Journalists  Al Tompkins sends out a daily newsletter with coronavirus coverage ideas for the day, plus context for other stories.  

Subscribe to Covering COVID-19

Coronavirus Search Trends—Google offers a rich site that tells us what people all around the world are searching when it comes to coronavirus. https://trends.google.com/trends/story/US_cu_4Rjdh3ABAABMHM_en 

SBA PPP Loan Tracker–The Small Business Administration provides a searchable list of businesses and charities that received Payroll Protection loans–searchable by name, industry, location and amount.

Tracking PPP Loans—Propublica also offers a database of all companies that got federal bailout money. Check this when companies start laying off workers.

Chronicle of HIgher Education–The coverage here is a good source for story ideas about how Covid affects universities.  https://www.chronicle.com/

Assignments for next time:

  • Blog Check #4 (40 pts)

Final Project is an in-depth multimedia project. Each student’s part of this project will include a headline, abstract, 400-word (minimum) text story, video that includes multiple sources, sound and nat sound, strong sequenced video and a voice track.  You’ll lay it out on the project site using subheads, pull quotes, multiple photos, captions, links, etc. using the elements of strong web layout we’ve discussed in class.  The video should run between 1:15-1:45, include multiple sources, sound and nat sound, and signed out with “I’m ____________, for the Webster Journal.” Email the script for the video to your teacher.  Your individual project is worth 400 points.

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