Week 2

Monday, August 30

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Blog Check #1

Art of the pitch

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Open Premiere Pro – Click on Learn


ASSIGNMENTS:  There’s no class next week because of Labor Day but there is homework due.

1. Due by NEXT MONDAY: Pitch Audio Project #2 – Create a pitch for an audio ‘wrap’ of a story of interest to the Webster University audience that includes three levels of audio–your voice, the voices of at least two sources and natural sound.  (A ‘wrap’ is a radio term for a story that includes your voice track and sound bites with sources.)  Include a picture of your subject in the video portion of the timeline.  NOTE:  Post your pitch in the Comments section below Pitch for Audio Project #2 on the home page.

2. DUE IN TWO WEEKS: Audio Project #1 – Produce an audio story focused on an interesting, dirty/unusual job that would interest a 10-year-old using Adobe Premiere.  Interview your source using a voice recorder and take his or her photo. This audio story can include your voice, but at minimum should include sound bites from your interview subject as well as natural sound.  Include a headline. Post the script–with the sound transcribed–in the comments section below your story.  This audio story should run :45-1:15. (10 pts)

NOTE: The following assignment will be one of the most important assignments all semester.  If you don’t do this Adobe Premiere assignment, your life will be nearly impossible in this class.  

3. Due in two weeks:  Adobe Premiere.  Finish going through the Adobe Premiere tutorials.  You can access it at labs throughout the Sverdrup Building.

Here’s where to start–on the Premiere Pro Tutorials page. Start with these:

Study these videos.  Practice with the clips available to download on the site or use your Dirty Jobs assignment clips.

You also have access to an amazing training tool–LinkedIn Learning.  You access this through Connections.  If you want to go deeper into Premiere, click on “Premiere Pro CC 2020 Essential Training.”  Study Sections 2, 3, 4 and 7.

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