Week 7

Monday, October 4

SOC Careers Week event


SOC – Communications Careers


Start with your pictures and sound.  Then write.

Tyler Shipman’s Fiero


  • Conversational writing/writing to pictures.

Blog Check #2

  • Shooting with your phone:

A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Pictures on Your Phone

More sequencing

Groups of 3 – Bring your phone and tripod and shoot one five-shot sequence each of the other two group members and one five-shot sequence of them interacting together for a total of 15 shots.  (while maintaining social distance.)

  1. Gorlok statue
  2. “Note” sculpture
  3. Girl on the swing
  4. Gor-rock
  5. Art department sculpture
  6. Holding pond behind parking garage
  7. Donor plaza by EAB
  8. UC picnic tables
  9. Garden in front of EAB

Assignment due next Monday:   Video Project #1: Sequencing – Shoot someone involved in a sequential activity, such as making a sandwich, cooking a meal, getting a haircut, etc. Prove that you understand the idea of five-shot sequences. Gather good sound and natural sound as well.  Edit this using Adobe Premiere and post it on class website with a headline and abstract … then truncate.  This should run between 1:00 and 1:30.  (IMPORTANT: Be sure to shoot people, not just things. (30 pts)

If you use a camera from the Media Center, here is a helpful checklist:

Video camera instructions

 Review sequencing: The Secrets of Sequencing

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